Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you assist me with filling an M (migration) form?

    Yes, we can. We have a broad experience with filing tax returns for people who entered or left the Netherlands.

  • What information needs to be provided for filing my tax return?

    Click here for the checklist of required information for individuals and here for the checklist for self employed individuals.

  • What are the general terms and conditions?

  • What is your privacy policy?

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    It is possible to pay our fees by iDeal, by Credit Card or by normal bank transfer.

  • Is it true that I do not pay extra in case my tax return appears to be more complicated?

    Yes, that is true. We work with fixed fees. No surprises afterwards.

  • Do your fees include VAT?

    Yes, all our fees are including VAT, unless otherwise mentioned.

  • Can you assist me with the application of the 30%-ruling?

    For all queries regarding the 30%-ruling we work closely with LIMES international. Please use this link for more information.


  • Do you also provide other services, such as assistance with the application of allowances?

    Yes, we can also assist you with the application of the care allowance (‘zorgtoeslag’), the rental allowance (‘huurtoeslag’), the child related (‘kindgebonden’) budget and the child care allowance (‘kinderopvangtoeslag’). Our standard fee for application of these allowances is € 75 including VAT. Please use the contact page in case of any inquiries in this respect.

  • Can you also assist me with a response to the Dutch tax authorities in case of an audit?

    Yes, of course we can. Our fee is € 120 per hour for this service and we will give an indication of the required effort upfront. We can also assist you in writing a letter of objection against an assessment if this is not in line with the tax return filed. Please use the contact page in case of any further questions.

  • Can I also schedule an appointment to have my tax return prepared?

    We are pleased to schedule an appointment during which we will prepare your tax return. Please use the tax return meeting option on our website to arrange an appointment. The fixed fee for the (e) meeting is € 245 per tax return and € 35 extra for a fiscal partner (inclusive of VAT).


  • What is a fiscal partner?

    A fiscal partner is the person you are married to or with whom you have a registered partnership. A fiscal partner can also be the person who is registered at the same address and with whom you meet one of the following conditions:

    • You have jointly concluded a cohabitation contract and you are both adults;
    • You have a child together;
    • You are registered as partners with a pension fund;
    • You are the joint owners of your principal residence;
    • You were regarded as fiscal partners in the prior year.
  • When will I receive my refund?

    Normally, the Dutch tax authorities issue an assessment within three months after filing and within six months in case of an M-form. After receipt of the assessment, the refund will be transferred into your bank account.

  • How can I provide my bank account details to the Dutch tax authorities?

    In case you have a DigiD, you can inform them via Mijn Belastingdienst or via Mijn Toeslagen in case you receive a benefit (only available in Dutch). Otherwise, you will have to send a letter. More information on how to submit or change a bank account number can be found here.