tax refund

We file a request for a provisional tax refund at a fixed fee of €85 per request including VAT.

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Child care

We file an application for the child care allowance at a fixed fee of €75 per application including VAT.

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Other Dutch

We can also assist you with filing your application for care allowance, the child specific allowance and the rental allowance.

Dutch Tax Returns Dutch Tax Returns

Provisional tax refund

Need help with your 2022 Dutch provisional tax refund?

  • Did you buy a house in the Netherlands and do you pay mortgage interest?
  • Do you have other tax deductions like educational expenses or alimony payments?

Why wait until next year to get your tax refunded? Apply for a provisional tax refund (voorlopige teruggaaf) now and receive monthly tax refunds during the year. Dutch Tax Returns can assist you in filing your request for the provisional tax refund.

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Child care allowance

Are you, as parents, both working or studying in the Netherlands and facing high costs for childcare?

Did you know, the Dutch government reimburses part of the costs by means of a childcare allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag) for children under 12. It is irrelevant whether the costs are made for a childcare center, afterschool care or for a private childminder (gastouder).

The allowance can reduce the childcare costs significantly. Interested in filing the application? Dutch Tax Returns can assist you!

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Other applications

Did you know that you may also be eligible for other allowances?

We can assist you with filing your application for care allowance (zorgtoeslag), the child specific allowance (kindgebonden budget) and the rental allowance (huurtoeslag). Our fee for each application is € 75 including VAT.

Please contact us for more information.

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Dutch Tax Returns, powered by LIMES international, is specialised in online tax services. Our goal is to assist foreign nationals with their tax affairs in the Netherlands in an efficient and cost effective way. It is obvious that we try to minimise on taxes. We have more than 20 years of experience with tax returns for expats.

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